CADLive 4000 Series Digital Wireless Body Pack System

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CADLive is designed to outperform your expectations and deliver exceptional performance. Engineered to compliment the new generation of exceptional sound systems — The CADLive Series taps our Equitek studio heritage along with our live sound know-how in creating an impactful and easy to use line of mics.The CADLive 4000 series Digital Wireless features True Diversity operation to minimize multipath interference. Frequency agile design partnered with ScanLink™ technology will precisely scan, select and link to the optimum channel allowing for easy flexible frequency planning.CADLive wireless features 10, 30, or 50mW transmitter power adjustment and dynamic range >115dB. Receivers and transmitters are equipped with a high definition LCD display and full RF, AF, Battery Life, Mic Sensitivity and RF power metering.CADLive bodypack transmitters are equipped with CADTone™ circuitry ensuring accurate reproduction of Hi-Z guitar and Lo-Z mic inputs.Receivers are housed in an all-metal chassis and supplied with single/dual rack ears and a BNC relocation kit. Body pack systems include Equitek E19 earworn and E29 lavalier mics. Supplied with a heavy-duty carry case.Features• Digital Wireless System• True Diversity to minimize multipath interference• Frequency agile operation for maximum frequency plan flexibility• ScanLink™ technology for instantaneous and automatic channel configuration• CADTone™ Body Pack input — Optimised Impedance Interface — Hi-Z for Guitar and Lo-Z for mic• High Contrast LCD displays on TX and RX• Transmitters feature 10, 30, or 50mW power adjustment to aide in multiple system applications• 902-928MHz operation free from FCC TV spectrum legislation• Simultaneous usage of up to 17 systems• Dynamic Range > 115dB• AA Batteries with up to 15 Hrs of battery life• Systems ship with rack ears single/dual BNC relation kit and durable carry case• Body Pack systems include miniature E19 Earworn, E29 Lav, WXGTR guitar cable• XLR and ¼” outputs on receiverSpecificationsFrequency Range T Band 902 – 928MHzFrequency Response 40Hz – 15kHzDynamic Range >115dBTransmitter power Switchable 10, 30, 50mWBattery Life Up to 15 Hrs