Tanglewood TW 40 SD V SE

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SHAPE Sloped Shoulder Dreadnought

TOPSolid Spruce

BACK Mahogany

SIDES Mahogany



NUT WIDTH 44.5mm


STRINGS Elixir Nanoweb 12-53

ELECTRONICS Fishman Presys

FINISH Vintage Sunburst Gloss


The Sundance Historic TW40 SD VS E guitar is an exceptional acoustic-electric instrument that beautifully marries classic design with modern features, creating an inspiring and versatile musical experience. The sloped shoulder dreadnought body shape is a distinctive feature of this guitar. This design combines the classic dreadnought size with unique sloping shoulders, resulting in a shape that’s known for its powerful projection and rich, balanced tone. The sloped shoulders provide a comfortable playing experience while preserving the dreadnought’s robust sound.

The solid spruce top of the TW40 SD VS E is a top-tier tonewood, celebrated for its resonant and dynamic qualities. It produces a bright, clear, and well-articulated sound, allowing the guitar to excel in various playing styles, from fingerpicking to aggressive strumming. Solid spruce is also prized for its tonal development over time, which results in a richer and more mature sound as the guitar ages.

For the back and sides, mahogany is used, known for its warm and mellow tonal character. Mahogany complements the brightness of the spruce top by adding depth and resonance, creating a well-rounded and full-bodied sound. The combination of these tonewoods ensures that this guitar is versatile and suitable for various musical genres and playing techniques.

The Fishman Presys EQ system is a standout feature of this instrument. This advanced onboard electronics system allows you to easily amplify your sound for live performances or recording sessions. It offers a three-band EQ for precise tone shaping, a phase control to prevent feedback, a built-in tuner for convenience, and a digital display for easy adjustments. This system empowers you to achieve the perfect amplified sound while preserving the guitar’s natural acoustic qualities.

Visually, the TW40 SD VS E exudes classic elegance with a “Vintage Sunburst” finish, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain. The guitar is further enhanced with elegant binding and rosette details.