CAD StageSelect IEM Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitoring System

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Enjoy the exciting performance of the StageSelect™ IEM for your next gig. CAD Audio has been creating high-value product since 1931 and prides itself on supporting and developing the live performer. Our design criterion was straightforward: develop a high-performance wireless In Ear Monitor System that will deliver superior audio performance while supplying advanced frequency agility, capable enough to cope with today’s dynamic RF environment — making it both easy to use and exciting to operate.The StageSelect™ IEM Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitor System features 16 channel frequency agile performance for outstanding connectivity. CADLock™ Automatic Tone Code Squelch eliminates unauthorised interference in RF unfriendly environments. Stereo operation lends flexibility of use — You may send discrete signals to the left or right channel. High performance MEB2 Monitor Earbuds are included to make your listening experience top flight. The MEB2 TruPitch™ Balanced Armature Earbuds provide accurate audio reproduction while the EasyFit™ silicon earmolds provide a custom fit. The metal construction rack mountable transmitter is supplied with rack ears, half wave antenna, antenna relocation kit and sturdy carrying case.SpecificationsFrequency Q Band 470 – 498MHzN Band 518 – 542MHzAudio Frequency Response 40Hz – 16KHzAudio Input Combination XLR - 1/4"Dynamic Range >101dBAudio Output Power 100mw into 32 OhmTransmit power 30mWAA Batteries with >10hrs battery life