Pre Loved Ibanez Salvador

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Rare... find us another one ...

Ok, so before we start... this is unplayable. Action is higher than UK space rockets can reach so would need a top luthier to re set the neck. 

What is it? It is an Ibanez Salvador. There are a few in the range, but this one we think, is based on a Harmony Catalina ( Not sure of the spelling) 

So, its around the 1958 mark which is pre Ibanez buying the company off the guy who made this. The Ibanez Salvador refers to a Spanish Luthier and was named as a tribute to him. 

It was owned by a gent who was possibly in the Fusiliers, based in Hong Kong, and working with the Ghurkhas. We think the 'strap' is his military cord. 

It's a fantastic bit of history and one for the collectors.