P. Mauriat 71 Bb Trumpet ~ Matte

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We're pleased to welcome the next generation of trumpets to a grand stage: meet the PMT-71This new professional line of trumpets draw design and playing characteristics similar to its predecessor with several key areas of improvement. Notable upgrades include a full, 125 mm bell available in yellow brass (PMT-71) or gold brass (PMT-72). The new bell is matched by a redesigned main tuning slide and leadpipe, which offers newfound balance far superior in resistance and impedance throughout the register. Players will also experience the greatly improved tuning structure, response and projection from both behind and in front of the horn. • Bore: Medium large (11.68mm / o.46o")• Receiver: Standard weight• Leadpipe: Standard, yellow brass• Bell: Yellow brass (125mm / 4.92")• Main tuning slide: Round style, yellow brass• Valves material: Monel• Recessed valve top caps• Heavy weight bottom caps• Lightened 3rd tuning slide screw• Complete with contoured caseOther finishes available: Silver Plated (S)