Mooer Phaser Player

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PhaserPlayer Phaser Player is a high quality Phaser with 3 different tones. Built into a convenient mini expression pedal for easy, on the fly, speed control. It's equipped with MOOER's unique pressure sensing footswitch circuit and has 3 different methods of activation. Product features: *The PH WAH has three different Phaser modes, each with a different sound. To change Phaser mode: 1.Press and hold the toe pressure sensing pad while the pedal is connected to power 2.Disconnect the power whilst continuing to hold the sensing pad 3.Reconnect power (The LED's will flash BLUE to confirm the mode has changed.Flashing once means mode 1, flashing twice means mode 2,flashing three times means mode 3. Release the pressure sensing pad to resume operation.) *PH WAH has 3 different types of switching. 1.Touch the pressure sensing pads with your foot to turn on the effect. Release your foot from the pedal to turn off the effect 2.Double tap the pressure sensing pads to turn on the effect. The effect will remain on untill you double tap the pressure sensing pads for a second time 3.In this switching mode you can use both techniques mentioned above for switching the effect on and off *Equipped with MOOER's unique pressure sensing footswitch *True Bypass switching Specification Input:1/4” mono audio jack.(Impedance: 1M Ohms) Output:1/4” mono audio jack(Impedance: 100 Ohms) Power requirements: AC adapter 9V DC , center negative. Highly recommend to use Mooer Micro Power. Current Draw:130mA Dimensions:128mm(D) x 55mm(W) x 48mm(H) Weight:460g