BG Duo Metal Ligature ~ Tenor Sax ~ Rose Gold

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Balanced toneFocused tone softer deeper and flexible sound homogeneous in all registersFEATURESINSTRUMENTS                                 Tenor SaxMATERIAL                                         MetalCONCEPT                                         Minimum rails connection with mouthpiece and reedsPLATING                                                 Rose GoldACOUSTIC PERFORMANCES Focused tone, softer, deeper and flexible sound, homogeneous in all registersUTILIZATION                                 Soloist, orchestra, large concert hallsCOLOR                                                 Rose GoldMOUTHPIECE                                 Tenor sax. Ebonite mouthpieceCOMMENTS                                         Easy to play. Great projection of sound- BG Innovation