Daisy Rock 'Wildwood' Short Scale Acoustic Guitar ~ Bleach Blonde

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• Daisy Rock’s exclusive “Slim & Narrow” neck design makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play the guitar. • Lightweight construction makes the guitar easier to manage and more comfortable to play. • The shorter and more manageable 22 3/4" scale is a perfect fit for younger, smaller girls. The Wildwood Acoustic is a short scale instrument designed specifically for younger girls with smaller frames, and for older girls looking for a 3/4 size or easily portable guitar. This beautiful guitar is lightweight, it sounds great, and because it’s designed to perfectly fit girls, it's extremely comfortable to hold and to play! It features Daisy Rock’s trademark “Slim & Narrow” neck which makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play. The flamed maple top with mahogany back and sides produces a great sound, and it has a cool vibe that will inspire musicians at any skill level. What are you waiting for—get your Wildwood Acoustic guitar and start playing now!