BG Bass Clarinet Strap

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• Leather Neck
• Cotton padding
• Absorb perspiration
• Evenly disperses weight over shoulders

BG straps have inside, thick and comfortable cotton paddings, (except the model Flex) that absorb sweat, providing high comfort.
The straps exterior, made in nylon and leather (depending on the model) and the inside made in cotton, are sewed together by BG craftsmen with a double stitching of 42 stitches per point. This makes the quality, durability and resilience of BG straps truly amazing.
BG analyzes each detail and subjects each of its products to numerous tests before handing it to the musician. Cotton padding minimises the fatigue effect, which allows the musician to rehearse or perform longer with higher performance.
When it comes to marching bands, the musician's neck is under a bigger pressure that increases with each of the steps he takes. BG straps are a great help and provide an extra protection to the cervical spine in the neck area to prevent injuries.
A BG strap will be the musician’s best ally, providing the highest comfort possible to prevent the musician from any distraction therefore allowing them to focus on studying, rehearsing or performing at their highest possible level.