CAD Acousti-Shield 32 ~ Stand Mounted Acoustic Enclosure

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CAD Acousti-Shield 32 - Stand Mounted Acoustic EnclosureThe Acousti-shield 32 was developed as an effective accessory for the home recording professional. It can reduce unwanted reflections, echo flutter and unwanted environmental acoustic interference. A trouble-free design results in an easy to use, highly flexible device, while not sacrificing stand mounted stability. The AS32 is an essential tool for enhanced performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician.Features• The AS32 reduces reflections, echo and attenuates unwanted environmental acoustic interference.• Dual stage acoustic material of 53mm high density micro cell acoustic foam and high quality absorptive wool layer provide ultimate performance.• The AS32 is constructed from a high quality 16-guage perforated stainless steel shield.• Advanced mounting design allows for maximum positioning stability even when mounted to an economy mic stand.• Accommodates a variety of microphone designs and allows for creative control and a tailored acoustic result.• Portable design for easy studio placement and simplified remote recording.• Improved Innovative design with 6-way adjustability, for optimal mic positioning.