BG Cleaning Swab ~ Bass Flute

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Swabs BODY Microfiber + Bamboo & Silk All BG swabs absorb quickly and efficiently to help keep your instrument in optimum playing conditionSoft and fast absorbency  Unique foam insert and round design (absorb all the water inside the body) Double-sided: microfiber + Bamboo & Silk 2 protected weights easily pass through instrument curves Washable Quality that lasts 5 + yearsFEATURESMATERIAL                         Microfiber + Bamboo SilkCOLOR                                 GreyCOMMENTS                         Round shape with foam for optimize bell cleaningMACHINE WASHABLE Inside a protection bagUTILIZATION                 Body of the instrumentINSTRUMENTS                 Bass Flute