CAD Astatic 56" Variable Polar pattern Miniature Choir Boom Microphone

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Continuously Variable Pattern Condenser Microphone System with Remote Polar Control through a Digital Signal ProcessorThe 2600VP / 2700VP / 2800VP / 2220VP is a continuously variable pattern condenser microphone system with remote polar control through a Digital Signal Processor. The variable polar pattern with remote control allows the user to precisely adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern for best performance from within a DSP. Utilising a two-conductor shielded cable (max length 2,000 feet) between the microphone head and the DSP unit, the polar pattern of the microphone can be adjusted in real time without changing capsules, microphone positions, or inducing noise in the audio chain. Refer to the specific DSP instructions provided by CAD Audio for the units being used. Special attention has been given to the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone system while utilising the variable pattern control to precisely alter the shape of the pick-up pattern. The VP systems are designed to resist interference from devices such as mobile phones, two-way communication devices and lighting apparatus. Utilising our RF Resistant Architecture, our VP products meet the stringent RF standards set by theEuropean Union (see the specification section of each microphone for more information).Choose the 2600VP when a suspended system is required. System includes a counter poise string, exclusive articulating steel hanger, anti-twist thread and rods, 30’ of cable, and 24” XLR-F to Phoenix-type connector.Choose the 2700VP when a floor stand version is needed. System includes the MB-1; a feather light 56” boom and exclusive Clutch Rotation System, this boom can be mounted on any standard microphone tripod or base stand.Also, includes 24” XLR-F to Phoenix-type connector.Choose the 2800VP when a podium version is required. System includes the MB-18; an 18” miniature dual-flex gooseneck with TA3F-type and XLRM-type connectors. The system also includes 24” XLR-F to Phoenix-type connector.Choose the 2220VP / 2220VPW when an installed boundary style microphone is needed. System includes 220VP boundary microphone with mounting hardware and rubber bushings. The system also includes 24” XLR-Fto Phoenix-type connector. Specify “W” for white unit.Specifications:Operating Principal Permanently-Biased CondenserPolar Pattern Continuously VariableFrequency Response 40Hz – 20KHzSensitivity -29dBV (35 mV) @ 1 PaImpedance 135 ohmsMax SPL 110dBSelf Noise 22dBAPower Requirements P12, P24, P48, 4 mA