CAD Astatic Variable Polar Pattern, 18" Podium Gooseneck Microphone

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Continuously Variable Pattern Condenser Microphone System with Remote Polar Control.The 1600VP / 1700VP / 1800VP is a continuously variable pattern condenser microphone system with remote polar control. The variable polar pattern with remote control allows the user to precisely adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern for best performance from a remote location. Utilising a two-conductor shielded cable (max length 2,000 feet) between the microphone head and the pattern control box, the user can adjust the polar pattern in real time without changing capsules, microphone positions, or inducing noise in the audio chain.Special attention has been given to the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone while utilising the variable pattern control to precisely alter the shape of the pick-up pattern. The large-diameter, low-noise elements produce a frequency response of 40Hz to 20KHz with a selectable, recessed 80Hz, 12dB/octave high-pass filter that removes unwanted low-frequency energy when engaged. The filter control is conveniently located on the control box. The microphone head is made of commercial grade aluminium, the control box is made of hardened steel, both are powder coated and made in the USA. The microphone head is painted matte black for an unobtrusive yet stylish appearance.The remote polar-pattern control box can be mounted in a single rack unit shelf with optional accessories. Up to six control boxes can be mounted in one rack unit — Astatic RU1. The polar-pattern dial is positioned for easy adjustment ”on the fly” and can be secured with a single “Flat Style” blank panel when rack mounted. Choose the 1600VP when a suspended system is required. Featuring an exclusive anti-rotational mount, 30’ of cable, XLR-F wall plate and counter poise string.Choose the 1700VP when a floor stand version is needed. Featuring a feather light 56” boom and exclusive Clutch Rotation System, this boom can be mounted on any standard microphone tripod or base stand.Choose the 1800VP when a podium version is required. Featuring an 18” miniature gooseneck with TA3F and XLRM.Specifications:Operating Principal Permanently-Biased CondenserPolar Pattern Continuously VariableFrequency Response 40Hz – 20KHzSensitivity -29dBV (35 mV) @ 1 PaImpedance 135 ohmsMax SPL 110dBSelf Noise 22dBAPower Requirements P12, P24, P48, 4 mA