Vox AC4 White

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Vox AC4 with added standby mode 

The legendary top-boost sound of the VOX AC30 coming in an all-valve, compact, portable amplifier – now in a classy White Bronco colour design.

VOX Sound in a Tiny Portable Amp

First introduced way back in 1961, this iconic low-wattage amp is still the choice of many guitarists of today thanks to its fantastic tone and classic looks.

Fitted with a 12-inch speaker, the AC4C112 is an all-valve, mini-combo amp full of character. The AC4 is famous for being able to produce that classic VOX tone even at low volume levels making it one of the most popular VOX amps.

Now with the White Bronco colour design, inspired by the custom colour options of the 1960s, the A4C1-12 fuses the classic diamond shaped speaker grille with a classy, white enclosure.

AC30 Tone in a Mini-Combo

Delivering the sound of an AC30 Top Boost circuit in an all-valve, 4 watt class A amplifier, the AC4 custom is a perfect amp for practising at home or recording in the studio.

The AC30 Top Boost sound is known to many as the engine that powered the “British Invasion” back in the 1960s and ever since, that classic sound has captivated audiences and fascinated guitarists around the world. Going from the classic, clean chime all the way to a massive bluesy crunch, the Top Boost tone of the AC30 is legendary.

Now, the AC4C1-12 delivers this same peerless sound in a highly portable, compact body that is great at home and perfect for the studio.

Complete Control

Giving you complete control over your tone, the VOX AC4 delivers classic, old-school sounds while allowing you to carve out your own sonic identity.

Gain, Treble and Bass tone controls combined with a Master Volume allow you to adjust and power out that awesome valve tone. The Gain control can take you from completely clean to rich overdrive while the Bass and Tone controls can further shape your sound to something really unique.

An extension speaker jack can be found on the rear panel. By hooking up an external 16 ohm guitar cabinet you can use the ACFC1-12 as an all-valve 4-watt amp head.

All-Valve, 4 Watt Portable VOX Guitar Amp

Bringing you the legendary, authentic VOX sound while in an incredibly portable package makes the AC4C1 an extremely attractive amplifier.

The highest levels of design packed into a an extremely powerful and portable amp, combined with the beautiful White Bronco colouring, contrasting with the traditional diamond fret cloth the AC4 sounds great with looks to match.

VOX AC4C1-12 All-Valve Combo Amp Specs and Features:

  • All-Valve Mini Combo Amp
  • Top Boost Tone Inherited from the VOX AC30
  • Gain, Treble, Bass and Master Volume Controls
  • 4-Watt Class A Amplifier Design
  • 2 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 1 x EL84 Power Tube
  • White Bronco Custom Colouring with Traditional VOX Diamond Fret Cloth
  • 12” Celestion VX10 Speaker
  • Weighs Only 10.6kg
  • External Speaker Output